Cozzia 16020 Massage Chair

Berkline 16020 Massage Chair

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The Cozzia 16020 massage chair is one of our more popular entry-level chairs.  People who are new to the massage chair world often buy the Cozzia 16020, because it is fairly inexpensive but still carries many of the features of the more expensive chairs.  They also buy it because of the name it carries; Cozzia just does a great job building high-quality chairs.  The only reservations we have about this chair are the short warranty and the limited customer service Cozzia provides.

So what are the chair’s strengths?  First, the chair incorporates scanning technology that allows the chair to adjust the area of the massage to fit your back.  It also performs kneading, tapping, and rolling functions, and it has the capability of performing two or more of these functions at the same time.  The remote control is a handy feature, and the chair back and foot can be controlled independently of each other.

You can program your own massage, which requires some learning, but the chair also has six pre-programmed massages that allow you to adjust the strength, speed, and intensity of the massage.  Air bags give an invigorating massage to the seat, calves, and foot areas, and the seat also has a vibrating massage feature.  Many of these features are normally found in only the more expensive chairs.

What are the chair’s weaknesses?  First, the chair is more of a beginner chair.  It is strong enough for the average user, but people who are experienced massage chair users may want a little bit more strength in the massage.  The length of the massage is also less than you see in some of the more expensive chairs–the chair is definitely not built for tall people.  You will also notice fewer air bags in the legs and seat area, which makes your massage a little bit less customizable.

The biggest drawbacks of this chair are the warranty (only two years, as opposed to some of our other manufacturers who offer warranties of 3-5 years) and the customer service.  While you can always get service from your dealer (hopefully, Cozzia makes it difficult to talk with their customer service representatives.  If you want to buy one of these chairs, be sure your dealer has a great reputation for customer service, because if you do end up having issues, you will need to rely on the dealer to get them worked out with Cozzia. is the largest online dealer for most of our manufacturers, so we are a valuable resource to any of our customers who do end up having trouble with the manufacturers.

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