Repose R600 Massage Chair

Repose R600 Massage Chair

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When I think of the name Panasonic, my mind immediately

Let me start with the features. The R600 is packed. First, let’s talk about my favorite feature, the MP3 player with synchronized massage. Much like the more expensive Omega chairs, Repose has incorporated an MP3 player into this chair and programmed the massage to match the beat of the music. Music really enhances your relaxation, and matching up the massage and the beat of the music deepens the relaxation even further.

Second, let’s talk about the heat the chair delivers to the lower back and feet. If you thought you were relaxed with the music function, you will really be pleased when you add in the soothing heat.

The chair also offers body scan technology, which allows the chair to scan your body type and adjust the massage to meet your needs. This is a high-tech capability, and incorporating it into an affordable chair like the Repose 600 is truly revolutionary.

And Repose delivers these high-tech features without sacrificing the basics. For example, this chair offers the basic functions of knead, knock, roll, and vibration, and it combines those functions in four automatic programs (Gentle, Relax, Enliven, and Repose) with the flexibility to allow manual adjustments as well.

Now for the affordability. You will not find a chair with more high-quality features for the same amount of money. We’re still trying to figure out how Repose packs in all these features for the low cost it charges for this chair. For example, for almost $300 less than the Omega 510, this chair features the same foot massager as the Omega. (Of course, Omega will argue their foot massager is better, and it may well be, with its pressure-point technology. But for $300 less, a customer may well consider purchasing the Repose.)

The warranty is not spectacular, but it is solid. The chair offers a three-year warranty on parts and a one-year labor limited warranty for mechanical defects and workmanship.

We highly recommend this chair. It would rank higher in this category if we had more experience with this manufacturer. But since our ratings system gives a great deal of weight to our experience with how these manufacturers treat our customers, we simply cannot rank this chair higher. We will revisit this ranking once we have that experience. In the meantime, this chair looks like a great buy.

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