The Cozzia16019 is something of an “entry-level” chair, for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money or choose from a lot of features.

This stripped-down model has a definite office-chair feel, and would be appropriate for the office environment, as it doesn’t have the industrial machine look of some of the higher-end massage chairs, but also doesn’t quite fit into a living room environment.

I like the rotating ottoman, which helps the chair blend in more easily with existing décor. Because let’s face it, a massage chair may be one of the most wonderful experiences for your body, but most of them don’t look very pretty.

The 16019 features body scan technology to read and customizes the massage for each user, a feature you’ll really appreciate if you install this at the office.

Massage types on this chair include kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling, and any two of these in combination.

There are six pre–programmed massages with customizable strength, speed and intensity.

For convenience, you can customize the kneading and tapping massage with a roller adjustment button.

The strange-looking leg attachments on the 16019 offer an air–pressure calf massage that can really invigorate and refresh your whole body, especially if you spend hour after hour, day after day in your seat.

This chair has a one-touch power recline feature, and the back and legs can be adjusted independently.

The 15–minute automatic shutoff provides peace of mind in case you forget to turn off the chair.

An LED remote allows you to control all the features of the chair easily.

At under $1500 at the time of this writing, the Cozzia16019 is a good basic chair, or a nice bonus for the hardworking executive.

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