Omega Montage Elite

With its rather steep price, the Omega Montage Elite has a lot to live up to. Lucky for you, it rises to the occasion.

The Montage features body scan technology to map the curves of your back and shoulders and take note of the problem areas. It responds with five auto programs including Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Morning, and Night.

You can also choose manual massage modes that include whole back, upper back, lower back, and waist areas. Massage styles include tapping, pressing, and kneading, with combination of kneading and tapping available.

There are four levels of massage speed adjustments, and rollers can be adjusted to fit the width of your back.

The Montage Elite provides a strong massage with four levels of speed or intensity adjustment.

Tall users, rejoice! The Montage Elite accommodates persons up to 6’5″ and The 30-inch stroke length of the rollers provides full back massage coverage even for the very vertical.

The Montage Elite massage chair gives a penetrating back massage from your neck to your hips to relieve tired and sore muscles.

The lower part of the chair features airbag massage to soothe your tired hips, thighs, calves and feet, with four levels of adjustment for intensity.

An especially great feature of this chair is reflexology nodes in the footrest portion. These little nubs press into the bottoms of your feet to provide a fabulous feeling.

Features unique to this chair include a traction function to stretch your lower body, multiple heat therapy areas, and the ability to synchronize your massage with music, thanks to a built-in MP3 player port and headphones.

The Montage features one-touch back and footrest recline.

The chair’s features are controlled with a back-lit LCD remote, as well as a wireless sub-remote with holder. An automatic timer turns the chair off after 30 minutes of massage.

The synthetic leather material is tougher and less prone to wear than real leather, and also provides easy maintenance and cleaning, as do the removable headrest, back cushion, and seat cushion.

This chair features a 5-year limited warranty.

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