Omega Skyline

The most outstanding feature of the Omega Skyline massage chair is its stylish, contemporary design. Like the name suggests, the Skyline would look as fashionable in a Manhattan loft as it would in your own living room or office. If you are concerned about your massage chair fitting in with your décor, this is the answer for you.

The Skyline is available in black or brown synthetic leather, accented with chrome feet. The back of the chair is finished with an elegant curve of cherry-hued wood.

Because this chair has such an understated design, it is lacking in features like arm massage and wrap-around calf and foot massage.

However, even with its sleek lines, the chair manages to incorporate an air bag compression system in the seat, back, and neck area. There are three pre-programmed air massage courses with pressure intensity control.

This chair also features three auto programs with vibration, as well as the ability to control the location of the vibration. This chair has not one, but eight individual vibrating motors. The chair has heaters throughout to warm your entire body.

The lumbar area features a kneading-style massage with a roller.

The reclining action of the chair back and leg rest are motorized and function together, placing you in a zero-gravity position, optimal for a thorough, relaxing massage. You can also choose from a range of recline angles from 110 to 175 degrees. This chair has a 20-minute auto shut-off feature.

In addition to its great styling, another unique feature of this chair is a built-in USB-formatted MP3 player and headphones. All the chair’s features are accessible through a remote control set into the armrest.

At $2199.95, this chair is a little expensive for the limited features it has. There are chairs in this price range that have more features and a much better warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty is probably the worst part of this chair, offering only 1 year with several limitations.

If your main concern is ensuring your massage chair coordinates with your other furniture, this chair might be a good option for you.

However, if you need deep, thorough massage action, you’re going to be happier with a chair that features at least four rollers plus massage heads that offer Swedish or Shiatsu styles.

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