Osaki OS-1000

Like all Osaki massage chairs, this one offers great features at a great price.

Osaki delivers one of the most realistic massages available, and the OS-1000 is no exception.

With a 29-inch massage stroke, the OS-1000 has a greater range of motion than many massage chairs, so if your lower back needs attention, this is a great model for you.

The extreme recline is one of the best features of this chair. At 170 degrees, you can really sit back and let the weight of your body rest on the massage heads to get a deeper, more relaxing massage.

With the OS-1000, you can also control the speed of the massage, as well as the width of the chair.

This chair also features an air-only course, where 20 airbags expand and contract, improving blood circulation to your lower extremities. This feature also allows you to adjust the intensity of the airbags, which is good, because many people find it a bit too intense in the calf area.

This chair also features vibration massage on the seat and calves.

The “Healthcare” course offers an all-over treat for your body, and feels especially good on the thighs, improving overall circulation. The combination of vibration and roller massage gets the blood pumping while relaxing all your major muscles.

I tried the “Neck/Shoulder” massage feature on this chair and was a little disappointed. The chair is supposed to target “tsubo” points on your neck (tsubo is the Japanese word for acupressure points), but this feature seemed to focus more on my mid and lower back, and didn’t really dig into the “xin shu” trigger point that plagues the area between my shoulder blade and spine. I found myself tensing up to push into the massage heads so I could really target my rhomboideus muscle.

Although the neck and shoulder massage seemed to miss the mark, I could tell that the intelligent roller system was working. I have a fairly narrow back, but the chair adjusted to it. So even though the intensity wasn’t quite there, the placement was.

Overall, the pre-programmed massages are quite good, and though the OS-1000 may not be able to target trigger points the way a professional can, the price and features make this chair a winner.

This chair has a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and 3-year warranty for parts.

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