Osaki OS-5000

Osaki is one of our favorite brands around the MassageChairs.com offices, and for good reason. We truly feel that Osaki offers the most chair for the least money, plus they back up their products with the strongest warranty in the massage chair business.

The OS-5000 is another great deal from Osaki.

Like all Osaki chairs, this one features technology that scans your body and personalizes the massage to fit.

This chair has several massage styles, including Swedish, Shiatsu, kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling, and vibration. These functions can be combined in twos or threes.

There are also three partial massage options: you can select upper, middle, or lower back massage.

An invigorating air pressure system in the seat, calves and feet areas ensures your entire body will be relaxed.

You can adjust the speed and intensity of the massage, which is good, as some people, including myself, find the calf massage to be a bit much.

The footrest automatically adjusts to user’s height as well as adjusting to the angle of the back.

Unique to this style is a Shiatsu massage function in the seat, calves, and feet areas.

The width of the back massage is also adjustable using the remote.

The OS-5000 also features an automatic 15-minute shutoff. Though this is enough for most people, you may desire a model with a longer auto shut-off feature. In higher end models these go to 30 minutes.

This is not as much chair as its legendary cousin, the OS-4000, so it doesn’t have the shoulder and thigh squeezers, or the arm massage. But if you mostly care about relief for your back, legs, and feet, this should do the trick, plus, this model fits into fashionable interiors better than some of the more robotic-looking chairs.

The warranty on this model is not as long as other Osaki models, but is still good with 1 year parts & labor and 2 year parts.

If you’re looking for an attractive, well-built mid-level chair at an affordable price, you really can’t go wrong with the Osaki-5000.

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