Repose R700

The Repose R700 looks like something from the set of the classic Star Trek series, and for good reason. This is one of the most technologically advanced massage chairs out there.

The R700 features body scan technology that measures the contour of your back as well as the height of your shoulders, custom-tailoring the massage for the individual user.

The rollers in this chair move and adjust to your back, not only back and forth, but also in and out, providing a fabulously comfortable and effective massage.

The R700 also has heat and vibration features to help increase your circulation and relax your muscles.

My favorite feature on this chair is the air bag-filled seat and footrest. It’s difficult to describe just how great an air bag massage is. The bags work like blood pressure cuffs, contracting and expanding to squeeze your lower extremities. Unlike a blood pressure cuff, though, these airbags aren’t painfully tight. Some users do find the initial settings to be uncomfortable. If you find this is the case, remember that the air intensity is adjustable. I myself need to dial down the calf area, but find the thigh intensity just fine.

Rather than a deep-tissue massage, the air bag massage promotes overall circulation, and squeezes and stretches your muscles. This massage-style is both soothing and invigorating.

As a shorter person, I really appreciate the leg rest extension control feature. The foot part of the leg rest has built-in sensors that detect leg length and automatically adjust for your height, or lack thereof. You can also fine tune the adjustment with the handset, providing even further comfort.

One of the most amazing things about this chair is that it has an incorporated MP3 player, built-in speakers, and headphones. You can download your favorite songs from your computer and onto the provided USB flash drive, plug it to the back of the chair, and sit back and relax. The R700 even has a Rhythm button that will actually synchronize your massage with the music!

Adding to the space-age feel of the chair is the LCD display panel. This controller shows massage modes, locations, pressure points, and functions—including style, speed, and intensity.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the chair also has a removable cover so you can easily cleanup any spills, or replace it if it should become worn or damaged. I like to keep my things looking as new as possible, so I really appreciate small touches like this.

Unfortunately, Repose does not offer much in the way of a warranty. Only 90 days on parts and labor, and 1 year limited for mechanical defects and workmanship.

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