Sunpentown A-601N

While the Sunpentown A-601N will provide you with all the basic massage functions, this is certainly not the most aesthetically-pleasing massage chair on the market, unless you have a fondness for all things sci-fi, and want a chair that looks like Sting’s body suit in “Dune.”

However, for those of you who want the real deal, this chair is made from genuine Italian leather.

This chair also features some high tech accessories like a built-in MP3 dock and speaker.

The 601 features three massage styles, including kneading, tapping, and rolling in a 10-part body massage. There is also a vibration feature in the seat to help stimulate blood flow.

The tapping feature is also found in the feet, which relaxes and stimulates your soles.

These features are combined in three pre-programmed massage functions to address different needs, and you can adjust the speed of the massage as well as the width of the chair to fit your form.

The ergonomic, S-shaped backrest reclines up to 160 degrees to help you relax and increase the intensity of your massage.

This chair retails at for $2299.95 and features a 1-year limited warranty.

Compared to other models in the MassageChairs lineup, this one really can’t hold its own. There are better looking, better performing, and better priced chairs out there, including most of the mid-range Osaki and Human Touch chairs.

Bottom line: if you like the features and looks and the luxury of real leather, go with the Sunpentown. If you want more features and a lower price, keep shopping.

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