Cozzia CZ-366

The new kid on the block at is the Cozzia CZ-366.

Like the other Cozzia models, this chair offers plenty of features for a low price.

Perhaps the best of these features is the 366’s “Spa” function, which offers up a truly spa-like massage by combining a variety of techniques to offer you a uniquely relaxing immersion experience.

This chair features an auto scanner in the backrest to provide a customized massage for each user. There is an automatic adjustment for your unique back width, from wide to narrow, a feature typically not seen on chairs in this price range.

Massage types on this chair include Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, clapping, tapping, stretch, Swedish, vibration, and combinations of any two or three of these. Six pre-programmed massages can be customized for just the right strength, speed, and intensity.

You also have the option of choosing partial massage areas for upper, lower, and middle back areas.

The 366 has a lumbar heat option to further enhance your massage experience—another great bonus for such an affordable model.

The extended footrest automatically adjusts to fit the user’s height, and it features an adjustable calf massaging feature. The back and foot areas have an automatic angle adjustment.

An LED remote controls the functions of this chair, which has a 1-year labor, 2-year parts warranty. The Cozzia CZ-366 is available in black or brown.

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