Fujita SMK8800

Fujita is a new brand for MassageChairs.com, and we’re excited about some of the great features this company incorporates into their chairs. For example, as of this writing, the model SMK8800 retails for $2790, but offers features usually found in more expensive chairs.

One of these features is body scan technology that maps and addresses your areas of soreness and stiffness. This chair also has an infrared tracking system to detect the unique size and shape of your body, and then automatically adjust to fit you.

The SMK features kneading, tapping, Swedish, and Thai massage. The Thai massage mode imitates traditional Thai massage to unfold and stretch the spine and legs, allowing the back muscles and ligaments to relax completely and better relieve fatigue.

These massage styles are combined into six different automatic massage courses, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. To further customize your massage, there are adjustments for speed and pressure, as well as massage head width. These massage heads feature 3D style, so not only do they move up and down your back, they also move in and out, more closely mimicking the natural movements of a massage therapist.

This chair features a 31-inch massage stroke, one of the longest available, to ensure your entire back receives attention.

The patented air bag massage design uses 32 air bags throughout the chair, to squeeze and knead your aches and pains. You can use these in combination with other massage features, or by themselves for an air-only course.

The footrest extends to fit the user’s height, and adjusts for proper angle.

The SMK automatically reclines up to 170 degrees, for a laid back, relaxing massage experience. Unique to this brand of chair, the armrests automatically adjust with the back recline, to ensure you stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

You can adjust the automatic timer on the Fujitsa for a 15 or 30-minute massage, and its simple one-touch operation means even the technologically-challenged will find this chair easy to use.

This chair is covered in high quality synthetic leather, and the headrest and back pad are removable for easy cleaning as well as adjusting the massage intensity.

Fujita offers an impressive warranty, with a full year of in-home service, and 3-year parts guarantee.

We think this new kid on the block has a lot to offer!

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