HoMedics OCTS-200H

Unlike chair pads, or chairs that only feature a vibrating massage, the HoMedics OCTS-200H features true Shiatsu massage, plus heat, for an anytime back treat anywhere you happen to be working.

Integrating the best massage features into an office chair, the 200H has three programs that allow you to focus on upper, lower, or your entire back. This chair also features a comfort flap that folds down when you are not using the massage functions, for added comfort during use as an office chair.

One of the best features of this chair is the retractable cord. The cord stores neatly and completely when not in use, making the chair that much more stylish and functional.

Like a conventional office chair, this chair features tilt control, as well as lush padding for increased comfort.

This chair features a 1-year warranty.

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