Inner Balance Wellness ZG550 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The IBW ZG550 is one of the sleekest, lightest chairs we sell at

Easy to move, easy to use, and easy to live with, the 550 delivers a comfortable, rolling massage to help relax and relieve everyday stress. This chair also has vibration massage to stimulate circulation.

Featuring a “zero gravity” massage position, this chair reclines to 195 degrees, tilting you back into the optimal position for deep and satisfying muscle work. If that seems like a bit too much recline, don’t worry, you can adjust it to more closely suit your personal preferences. The recline and return functions are accomplished with the touch of a single button, making this a very easy to use massage chair.

The synthetic upholstery surrounds a durable wood and steel frame, and the stylish looks of the 550 fit in just about anywhere, from contemporary lodge, to transitional home, to ultra-modern loft.

The 550 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. You can see this chair in action at:–uruiSTE

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2 Responses to Inner Balance Wellness ZG550 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  1. lisa says:

    would like to know the cost of chair and is it in stock?

  2. dmarks says:


    The IBW ZG550 currently sells for $799.95. That price includes shipping. We ship directly from the manufacturer, which usually takes a week, plus transit time to your curbside.

    For more details, contact Sara at

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