Omega OM-1 Aires

The first thing you notice about the Omega OM-1 Aires is that it doesn’t look like any massage chair you’ve ever seen before.

The Aires is a sleek, stylish piece of furniture that looks perfectly at home in a variety of modern interiors. Hidden inside this barrel-style chair are 19 airbags, plus a roller in the fold-away footrest.

At its very reasonable price, you can’t expect a lot of higher end items such as body scanning, but the Aires does have some very nice features, including foot heaters, reflexology function, and a motorized leg rest. The foot roller feature is unique to the Aires, and is not featured in most massage chairs. In addition, 14 of the 19 airbags are located in the foot region of the chair. This is a big plus for anyone who needs their tired, aching feet tended to.

The Aires has one automatic air massage program, and three manual programs with adjustable intensity. True to its name, the Aires is primarily an air-massage chair, and does not feature rollers or massage heads in the back area.

The Aires is available in red, grey, or black ultra-soft synthetic leather. This chair features remote control operation and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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