Panasonic EP-MS

The Panasonic EP-MS series massage chairs are the epitome of Mid-century Modern styling. These stylish, classic designs are able to fit into a variety of decors, plus offer all the benefits of a massage chair.

This chair offers four pre-set and two manual programs, including a full-body massage, relaxation mode, variety mode, targeted and pinpoint massages, as well as a foot and calf massage feature.

Massage styles include kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu.

In addition to roller and massage head functions, this chair features 10 airbags. The EP-MS has adjustable intensity in an ultra-slim roller design that offers 25.6 inches of massage stroke.

The leg and foot massaging ottoman of the chair folds neatly under the seat when not in use, and it features a sole massage—a feature not found on most massage chairs.

This chair does not fully recline, which some users may dislike.

The cushion is removable for cleaning, and the chair features a 15-minute timer (adjustable) with automatic shut-off.

The best feature of this chair is the fact that it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture. This chair can blend with your décor seamlessly, then transition to massage mode when needed.

The EP-MS is available in latte (grey) or avocado (green). The chair has a 1-year labor/3-year parts warranty.

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