Sanyo HEC-DR8700K

Can a massage chair be more responsive than a massage therapist?

I don’t know if I’ll go so far as to make that claim, but I think the Sanyo HEC-DR8700K probably comes as close as possible.

This chair doesn’t just feature body scanning technology like so many other models. The Dr. K, as I like to call him, actually measures your pulse, perspiration, stiffness, and mental fatigue.

Then Dr. K sets out to make sure your body and mind get a complete therapy session.

Though he doesn’t actually chant mantras or offer you talk therapy, Dr. K offers over 100 massage combinations, including one that stretches you like so much saltwater taffy.

The first position this chair offers is Zero Gravity 1. Here, the backrest, footrest, and seat adjust automatically to a natural no-stress position. All massage functions can be used in this position. In Zero Gravity 2, the legs are further elevated and backrest reclined for extreme circulation and relaxation. An air-only comfort course delivers gentle stretch and compression massage to the lower back, hamstrings, calves, ankles, and feet via airbags. Zero Gravity 3 reclines the back even further, gripping the ankles tightly for an enhanced stretch course.

Massage types on this chair include grip, Shiatsu, kneading, reverse kneading, tapping, and various combinations of these.

Sanyo has developed a wider roller design for this chair. These rollers feel more like real hands, especially during the kneading techniques. The rollers adjust automatically to accommodate various body types and shifts in position during the massage.

The thumb-shaped rollers do a remarkable job of comfortably squeezing the neck and tops of the shoulders, emulating the “grasping and kneading” of a live massage.

This chair also features Shiatsu-style massage in the leg and foot regions, or you can turn this feature off and just use the air bag massage.

With the extended ottoman, Sanyo claims this chair can fit people up to 6’4”.

The color LCD panel informs you of the status and also shows the results of your body scan. Real-time gauges show how your body is reacting to the various parts of the massage.

In addition to over 100 massage combinations, the chair features four automatic massage courses designed to target a specific problem or issue, as well as five full body sensor targeted massages.

The chair can be set for an air bag-only course as well.

With a 31-inch massage stroke, the Sanyo is sure to hit every spot of your sore back. Many models top out at 24 inches.

You can change the speed and intensity of the massage settings on this chair, as well as adjust the width to five different settings.

One of my favorite features is the repeat action, which will continue to massage the target area. This is especially nice for that sore spot behind my scapula that just needs a lot of extra attention.

There is also a removable headrest and back pad to further customize your comfort.

This chair features a 1-year parts and labor warranty with in-home service, and an additional 3 years coverage on the roller mechanism.

This is the most expensive, and arguably the best, massage chair that offers. Dr. K may not be a real doctor, but he’s a really great massage chair.

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