Shiatsu Massage Chairs

One of the most effective massage techniques for addressing knots and tightness in muscles is Shiatsu. The good news is that most of the chairs offered at feature a Shiatsu function. The bad news is that these chairs cost more than simple vibration massage chairs. But the good news is—not that much more!

Some of our best massage chairs with Shiatsu include the Inada, Osaki, and Sanyo.

Shiatsu massage is one of the massage styles that really translates well into a chair. While Swedish and deep tissue are often best performed by a massage therapist, a robotic massage chair can deliver wonderful on-point Shiatsu with just a little input from you.

Shiatsu is a technique that relies on varying degrees of finger pressure to stimulate and relax muscle tissue. It both encourages blood flow to sore areas, as well as presses out tension and toxins. Many masseurs, as well as massage chairs, allow you to specify the amount of pressure you want from Shiatsu—anything from a gentle soft prodding, to a deeper, more intense pressure.

Shaitsu uses pressure points along the body that not only address the muscle in question, but also promote energy flow to other parts of the body. For example, by stimulating the pressure point located near the shoulder blade, Shiatsu not only relieves the tension we tend to keep in our upper backs, it is also reputed to stimulate the functioning of the stomach.

Whether or not you believe points in the body are tied to one another, one thing is certain—Shiatsu just feels really good. So if you’re looking for the best massage chair features, be sure to check out Shiatsu.

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    Looking for the control panel board for a Berkline Zero Stress Shiatzu Massage Chair. Bought in 2003. Thanks

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    Hi John,

    Getting than info to our Berkline rep!

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