Effective massage therapies provided by Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chairs

OS-4000Osaki OS-4000 massage chairs have gained huge popularity in recent years and are highly rated for their exceptional performance. Loaded with exceptional features that are normally not found in other massage chairs, Osaki OS-4000 massage chairs are the perfect choice for people who wish to rejuvenate themselves after a tiring day right in the comfort of their home. Featured with a zero gravity design, special focus has been given to the neck, shoulder and lumbar massage according to body curve. The chair automatically detects the full body curve and also makes micro body adjustments in order to provide a more humanistic and scientific massage.

The chair is designed with forty-six air bags around the neck, shoulder, back, seat, arms, palms, and soles for providing additional comfort to the user as it cradles the body like a glove for increased massage effectiveness. Moreover, the chair offers six types of massages namely Rolling, Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, Shiatsu, Swedish with five levels of speed, intensity and three kinds of width adjustable respectively. Regular usage of a massage chair helps people in getting ultimate relief from back pressure, muscle tension while expanding lung capacity, correcting spinal alignment, decreasing stress on the heart and many other such benefits.

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