Enjoy deep relaxation with long pressurized massages from Infinity IT-8500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

8500-BlackThese days, almost everyone suffers from the soreness associated with an overly exuberant exercise session. Moreover, carrying extra weight, repetitive or overuse movements and poor posture can put pressure on the back and other sensitive areas. This pressure often results in spasms, tense muscles and pain in your upper back, glutes and hamstrings. But, with regular massage people can get ultimate relief from muscle pain. A massage gets to the root of pain by relaxing tense muscles and also encourages blood flow to the affected muscles. So, those who wish to get the benefits of a massage right in the comfort of their home can explore a wide range of Infinity massage chairs being offered at MassageChairs.com.

One of the latest massage chairs from the Infinite Therapeutics collection is the IT-8500 model. This chair is the perfect combination of great looks, comfort and functions. Designed to offer state of the art features and techniques that differentiate it from the rest, this chair provides the ultimate customizable and targeted massage, equipped with music, lumbar heat, body scan sensors, foot rollers, spinal correction and many others. Moreover, the chair is equipped with an Automatic Acupuncture Point Locator that utilizes scanning technology with optical sensors to automatically detect Shiatsu points to make the massage easily customizable for each individual.

MassageChairs.com is a well-reputed name in the industry that is widely recognized for offering an array of massage chairs at the market’s best prices. The wide range of products that the company offers include zero-gravity massage chairs, massage tables, foot baths, foot massagers, massage tables, neck and shoulder massagers and other spa equipment. The company has also associated with the leading brands of the industry such as Inada, Panasonic, Osaki, Earthlite, Coja, Conair and many others.

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