About Us

We Know Everything (Really, we do!)

Here at MassageChairs.com, we love giving our customers all the information they could ever want about massage chairs.  We sell almost every massage chair on the market, and we are the largest online massage chair dealer for many of our manufacturers.  So we have great insight into how quickly manufacturers ship, how they handle returns, how they honor their warranties, and every other issue that comes up in a massage chair transaction.  We also follow up with our customers to see how the chairs they have purchased from us have performed.  This all gives us a huge advantage over our competitors when it comes to helping our customers buy the right chair.  We know everything! 

Our Reviews are Unbiased

We’re making a huge investment to make this blog the most comprehensive source for massage chair information anywhere on the web.  It provides a forum for us to present information about each chair and for customers and potential customers to ask questions, post comments, and write reviews about our chairs.  We’ve often noticed questions on online forums asking if anyone has a source for massage chair information from an unbiased point of view.  Researchers often find sites that pitch the sales those sites offer, but those sales pitches are often self-serving.  Since we sell almost every chair on the market, we have no motivation to push one chair over another one.  We want to sell you one of the chairs, but because of our position, we can give you an unbiased review.  You’ll find that our reviews are based more on comparison than they are on hyperbole.  Some of these chairs are truly fantastic, and sometimes we go a little overboard, but we try to give you specific strengths and weaknesses of each chair and each manufacturer.

Who We Are

MassageChairs.com is based in Sandpoint, Idaho, a beautiful little town close to the Canadian border.  The site is owned by ClickShops Inc., which owns and operates a couple dozen websites that specialize in selling, shipping, and servicing heavy and expensive items.  The company was founded in 2004 and has experienced phenomenal growth every year since then.  We launched MassageChairs.com in 2007 and quickly became the leading retailer of all the major brands. 

We often encourage people to research us online.  Our Better Business Bureau rating is out of this world, and our customers have nothing but good to say about us.  Visit our Customer Testimonials page to read their unedited comments.