Customer Questions Answered


1.  What is the best massage chair?

This is a difficult question, because the answer depends on you.  There are many great massage chairs on the market.  Since everybody is different, what is best for one individual which may not be the best for another.  To help find the “best” massage chair for you personally, think of what you want most from a chair, features that are important to you, and the price range you feel comfortable shopping in.  We can then take that information and help you find your own personal “best” massage chair!  In addition, we have some great articles available to help you through the shopping process. Visit our “What to Look For” article for some of the factors you should consider.

2.  Where Can I Try Massage Chairs?

Massage Chairs overall are still considered to be a new item in the American markets.  While a few manufacturers have been in the business for years, the industry as a whole is fairly young.  Due to this, there are not many locations nationwide to try a massage chair.  If you have a certain model(s) you are interested in, please contact us to see if we can help you find somewhere locally for you to try before you buy. 

3.  Why Buy a Massage Chair vs. Just Going to a Masseuse?

Massage Chairs have developed far beyond the chairs of the past that performed only vibration/pulsing massage.  There are now highly advanced features that can perform a multitude of programs and features.  Massage Chairs can very closely replicate the human massage experience, and even have added benefits a masseuse cannot provide such as MP3 players, simultaneous massage on multiple body parts at once, heat, stretching, zero-gravity pressure relief, and some chairs are even compatible with our technology and controllable through smart phones and other devices.  Other things to mention; you can get a massage in the comfort of your home any time day or night for a one time investment vs. having to set an appointment and wait for that day to come.

 4.  How Do I Get Service on a Massage Chair?

Any high quality massage chair will come with a high quality warranty to match.  Your first step should always be to refer to your manual which came with the chair you have for warranty contact information.  If you are unable to find this, the next step would be to contact the place where you purchased the chair so that they can get you in touch with the manufacturer directly.  Most chairs come with at least a year of in-home repair service, in which a technician will come to your home to diagnose and repair the chair on site.  In the event your chair is no longer covered under warranty, it is still beneficial to reach out to the company who produced the chair.  They can often times send parts and help walk you through your own repairs over the phone, or can put you in touch with someone local who could repair the chair at cost.  In any event, you can always get your chair serviced.  In some cases, it just takes a little more effort. helps you buy a chair that comes with a great warranty from a reputable manufacturer.

5.  What is the Best Brand of Massage Chair?

With Massage Chairs still being very new to the Western markets, it is difficult to pinpoint a “best” brand.  Some very well-known and reputable companies have taken a lead in making massage chairs.  Some of these prominent names are Sanyo, Panasonic, and Human Touch.  These companies have been around for quite some time and still continue to thrive due to the quality of their brands.  However, just because a company may be new does not make it of any lesser quality.  Often times smaller companies will pay closer attention to their customers and overall satisfaction as they want to build a solid name for themselves.  They may even have lower prices and better customer service.  When in doubt, go online to blogs like this one to see what other people are saying about those manufacturers.  You can also call the manufacturers directly to get a feel for post sale service.  We have written about our experiences with the various manufacturers on this blog here.

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