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  1. Roswitha Ennema says:

    We bought one of these Human Touch chairs about 9 years ago and spent well over $2000 for it. The chair is still in excellent condition, but the motor might now have to be replaced. Human Touch or Brookstone, where we bought the chair now tell me that the chair is too old and I would have to find somebody locally to fix it, which after calling for several hours now seems to be an impossible task.
    This is an expecnsive electronic item. How can I find somebody in the Baltimore area who can fix that chair? What do other massage chair owners with a similar problem do?

  2. dmarks says:

    Most Massage chairs have a factory warranty for about 1-3 years depending on the manufacturer. So after 9 years, you won’t have any warranty, and getting local service and repair can be a challenge. It sounds like you’ve already tried to get somebody at Human Touch, without success. We’ve talked with one of our better manufacturers about finding a technician, and they recommended one who works with Human Touch and Brookstone. Unfortunately, he’s in Arkansas, not very close to Baltimore (we’re still trying to find somebody closer and will let you know if we do). You might give him a try, though. His name is Rick. His telephone number is 877-242-0749. He might be able to advise you on replacing the motor. If you would like his mailing address, please submit a comment with your e-mail address, and I’ll send it. (Or just call our expert Sara at 800- 540-1695, extension 402.)

    If you spent $2,000 on your chair, you might want to consider buying a new one, as you will have a hard time finding a nine-year-old motor, and installing it might get very expensive. Also, the technology for massage chairs has made some huge leaps in the last nine years. You can get the same technology for a lot less today.

  3. dmarks says:

    Since leaving the last post, we followed up again on the technicians who might be able to help you. Apparently, the person we listed in our first comment (Rick) has a network of technicians that he dispatches for maintenance work like this. You’ll have to call him directly, but it looks a little more promising than we had thought. Good luck!

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